Trading Company

Ali Bhai & Sons trading company is one of the pioneers of the group and was established in 2014. The company is registered under companies ordinance 1984 with registration No.0090297. It established a great market reputation in few years and enabled the management to move forward to expand the business activities.
Ali Bhai & Sons – supply & distribution unit was established to provide a vast variety of products to its customers as well as through contracting services it has also established a good reputation in different industries (public & private).
We have a lot to the environment and the people we work with. We feel responsible towards the communities and aim to contribute for their betterment in every way possible. Our corporate social responsibility is more than just a statement. All companies of Ali Bhai & Sons group strive together in a singular direction that is contributing for the well being of the local communities. Our initiative in health, environment and other social sectors are the living proof of our concern. We believe that growth of our business depends on the growth of the communities around us.

Ali Bhai& Sons trading company

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